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For everyone who wants to learn and/or experience my bondage practice, we offer private sessions and workshops from our home studio in Kreuzberg Berlin, where I live with my partner Alice.


Each session and workshop aims to be extensively customised based on each of our clients specific needs. If it is your first time with me, I also offer a free induction talk, where we can go into details regarding expectations, possibilities, boundaries, risks and communication. The session will go ahead only if all parties, after this initial conversation, enthusiastically want to proceed.


Although every session/workshop can combine lots of different things, here are the two basic structures of the sessions we offer:


This is available for singles and couples and it is appropriate for all levels of experience. In these sessions I focus on the experience of my clients as models (and as spectators, if there is more than one of you). All levels of experience are welcome. We can go for full or half suspension, or we can go for floor play and body based treatment. My bondage practice usually adopts a holistic approach. Besides rope tying, I frequently also employ tantric bodywork, deep tissue massages, body stretches, as well as breath, hair, and impact play.  I usually work with the whole body minus the genitals which are a bit too erotogenic for the purposes of my sessions. I follow my healing intuition, I'm gentle and gradual with my touch, n I hear/see my clients feedback as I go along. If my clients desire to opt out of one or more of the above techniques, they can do so at any time before or during the session.


The duration of the session is around 2 hours and the price is scaling from 150 to 250 euros, depending on each of my clients financial abilities. 


This is available to everyone, no matter your level. If you're a complete beginner I would recommend you to go through my online course Ropes In Bondage before you visit me, given that it will save you a considerable amount of time and money, and we'll be able to move fast into more exciting learnings, regarding seduction, bodies and connection.


If you are an intermediate or advanced rope practitioner, I'm happy to focus on your specific learning requirements. The style of bondage I'm specialized in is freestyle, creative, tantric and acrobatic. If your goal is to grow within a more traditional Japanese style framework, I might not be the right teacher for you.


The price for a 2h private workshop is scaling between 150 and 200 euros, and it's appropriate for 1 to 6 people. If there is a need for an extra model, it can be fulfilled for an extra cost of 60 to 80 euros per session (probably by my partner Alice).

If you are just a couple (top n bottom) and you are willing to book me for a series of workshops at once, then the per hour rate can drop significantly. More specifically, you can get:


6 hours for 360 (60 euros per hour rate)

10 hours for 550 (55 euros per hour rate)

So, if all of the above sound good, get in touch through the form bellow, and lets make an appointment!

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