fragile, sensitive, and highly treasured

The sex positive discourse showed us sexuality as a tool with which we can develop, grow, and even heal, by connecting deeply with one another. The sex positive space cannot be anything else than an environment that facilitates and encourages this aspect of sexuality. Participants in the sex positive space must be aware they enter into a constant negotiation of physical and energetic space, as if they were entering an improvised dance piece. Sound and noise in the sex positive space, must be seen for the great deal of energy that they can carry, and therefore, for the mass energetic violation that can potentially cause. If the sex positive space includes a dance-floor, this must look and feel, more like an ecstatic dance gathering, and less like a tavern. Ultimately, in the sex positive space, everything must work as close to gentle harmony as possible, because what is up for negotiation is fragile, sensitive, and highly treasured.