strippers & triggers

When it comes to stage management, I have become a fearless stripper; When it comes to many things in life, I have become a fearless stripper, given that strippers have no many emotional triggers left; The ego becomes more flexible with no triggers; it gets out of the way easier, and allows us to be more present.

That's the idea behind the potential healing, through BDSM practices: Going and exploring - not your bdsm tendencies, but - your bdsm fears; find your triggers, let them hurt you, give it time, reflect, process, deconstruct.

Personally, I am a switch, so generally flexible, but, unsurprisingly enough, I found lots of triggers exploring bdsm notions of public humiliation and shame; mostly accidentally, upon the stage of my current residency. I've gone through an estimate of 588 stage-hours so far there; the occasions where I found myself, inescapably, subjected to public shame and humiliation, were plenty.

Ultimately, by submitting to my audience, by becoming their bitch, I got to find liberation, I got to find peace.

Tonight, I begin half past midnight at the main floor with Vany Vega and the plan is no triggers to be found, just empathy and affection. Kitty Saturday No99. This photo is by Soren Jahan, from the last time I had Vanessa on my stage, January this year.