sex work

I consider myself a sex worker. That I don't get paid as one, is not that relevant. The rewards might not come as direct financial transactions but they do come in equally important for me ways. I'm a sex worker. A proud one and a good one too. And, like many other sex workers, I'm in this trade because it feels as I was born to do this: I have endless love inside me, my favourite things in life are snuggling, kissing and spooning, and as far back as I can remember, I've always been a massive slut, with a constant desire to connect deeply with others. I provide sex-work sessions to people - on stage, and off it. And as sexuality doesn't have to involve genitals, my sex work doesn't have to either - it can be just a cuddle, a rope play, eye contact or a spanking sequence. And that's not saying that genitals never get involve. They do, when they must; of course they do.

My models on Saturdays are always unpaid volunteer guests. I regard this to be an important information towards understanding the work of my Kitkat residency, by looking the motivation behind my models' decision to keep coming back and modeling on a tiny stage in a club for me. A common misconception is that my models are there for the mass attention, the glory and the status. I give these reasons a 10% over the motives (status my ass anyway). Another 10% potentially goes to their desire to support me, and my artistic work. The rest 80% of their motives are based on one reason and one only: the level and the quality of the sex work they receive by me. I try to not allow it to be less than 80%. I use my instinct and I filter people out - one of the skills I picked up on the way.

Knowing these motives, my audience is invited to observe all the levels and forms of the sex work I provide. They are invited to observe and learn. I don't work with egos, I avoid them as hell. I work with empathy, affection and energies. The skills I employ to maintain my long durational stage sessions, have less to do with knots and ropes and more with actual sex work. Ultimately, the time comes that I become a dedicated servant for these people, I submit unconditionally, I become their whore. And one thing I've mastered the last two years is how to transition between all my roles on a tasteful and fast manner - from the dominant creator to a submissive whore, and everything in between. This way I'm able to orchestrate the overall equality of power in the piece; equality between gender, sexes, tops and bottoms.

I took this photo during a very inspirational homestudio session two weeks ago. Inspiration, for example, can be more useful than direct financial transactions. Tonight I begin 1am at the main floor. Later around 5am back to the basement and the hospital beds again. Both of my models are insanely beautiful. The party will be good tonight because my guest list is hectic and immaculate at the same time. Sat nam.