one hundred

Ultimately we can turn and twist everything. We can take apart and find biases and flaws for every theory or artistic expression; Everything but numbers. Numbers are considerably trickier to deconstruct. The shortest distance between two points will hardly ever not be a straight line.

I took this photo during a stage session on July 8th 2017 (kitty saturday No38). The same model will be starting with me tonight 1am at the main floor for my 100th consecutive KitKat Saturday.

It became apparent from very early on; The journey I found myself in, didn't deserve an easy route. It deserved to be a holy ritual, full of worship and sacrifice, light and darkness. That's what this number today represents to me: the worship and the sacrifice towards something greater than myself. More numbers: solid units, of sweat, blood, heart, and soul.

A photo from very early on. During a stage session with a stranger on February 4th 2017 (kitty saturday No16)