old wanking men

The naked old men wanking around Kitkat every Saturday night, must not be seen as collateral damage, but as a celebratory element, of this flamboyant social experiment, that Carneball Bizarre has been, for a quarter of a century already. Their work is skillful and complex. Their primary bdsm tool is, not their penis, but their eyes. Most of the public wankers I got to know and observe all this time, are playful psychological sadists, who use eye-contact to penetrate emotionally. The emotional penetration can be fast and go deep, but that's about it. If you pass by a wanker and you eye-contact him, that's your consent there, you have accepted the invitation to his bdsm mini-game. What will happen then depends on how good the wanker is. Carneball Bizarre has some of the greatest masters in the history of western civilization. A master, will need a tenth of a second of eye-contact, to take the facial expression you'll find most excruciating; a tenth of a second to scan you, locate your deepest insecurities and fears, and dominate you fully, by mirroring them back at you, through the expression of his face. And, in a controlled environment, like my workplace, that's also the end of it. That's his service to you; there for free. You're welcome to move on to the next thing, feeling certainly brave, and potentially stimulated.