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The classic edition of the Rope Box contains:

3 x Hemp Ropes, 8m long, 5.5mm thick

1 x Jute Rope, 9m long, 6mm thick

2 x Hemp Strings, 7m long, 3mm thick

plus Stickers of my work and the actual Box.

It costs 100 euros and it can be shipped to you anywhere in Germany for an extra 10 euros, or in Europe for an extra 18 euros. Alternatevely, you are welcome to collect it from my studio in Kreuzberg Berlin for no additional cost. I usually need a week after payment to have your box ready for dispatch.​


You can find more photos of the Box and its content on my Instagram highlights


After you'll place your order, I'll be in touch through telegram/signal/whatsapp for the colour arrangements. The possibilities are endless but keep in mind that super-custom colour-shades might need a bit more time than a week to be made.





My suggestion is that one should try all sorts of ropes as long as they are made out of herbal material. The main ropes I personally use and recomend the most, are the hemp ones, because they look beautiful, they feel nice and soft, and ultimately they are the most comfortable even for long sessions.


THE ONE JUTE:The jute rope is a bit harder but it's more resilient. That means that you can even put it in the washing machine on the 30 (n that means that you can carry it with you outdoors without minding of getting it dirty). Its extra length makes it also appropriate for one rope play, which I find to be a crucial activity for one's rope journey.


You can see an 8min one-rope play sequence here.



The strings are useful for feet and fingers and hair ties, as well as genitals and face if you know what you're doing. Strings are also useful as connecting-ropes in body harnesses - here's a good example.



Please be very careful when you use ropes and string especially near the face and neck - never tie them with knots at the end. Make also sure that you always have medical scissors on you when you practice!

The Rope Box

100,00 €Price
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