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ROPES IN BONDAGE an online course


This is a hands-on foundation course on various rope handling techniques in bondage. It's appropriate for absolute beginners and you don’t need a model to practice it. In fact my goal for this one was to squeeze in as much knowledge as possible without the need of a model. All you need is a table with four legs, and four ropes. Through a set of creative exercises, we'll focus on knots, friction, tension and improvised composition; developing and mastering the skills we need to become good, tantric rope tops. And ultimately even if you decide at the end that bondage is not for you, the knowledge acquired through this course can also be applied for making beautiful home installations, with ropes for shelves, suspended plants and flying wardrobes. CONTENT: 1. INTRODUCTION - (video 07:36) 2. TABLE WEB EXERCISE PART I - EASY (video 19:07) 3. A COUPLE OF KNOTS IN DETAIL (video 9:58) 4. TABLE WEB EXERCISE PART II- INTERMEDIATE (video 13:35) 5. SUSPENDING THE TABLE (video 11:00)




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